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Cory B.

I never understood how much tar is actually in weed. The amount of crap this catches is pretty amazing, and smoking is way smoother now. Also, it has not affected the high at all, which is awesome. Thanks tarcutter!! 

Aspen C.

I started smoking weed a year ago for chronic stomach pain, one of my least favorite things about it was coughing from how it burned. I didn’t think much about it myself as no one had ever talked about not coughing from smoking. I figured it was normal.

Then I was introduced to the TarCutter, I never knew I could enjoy smoking and not worry about coughing ever again! The concept and application is so easy and efficient. You put the the TarCutter into your favorite bong, load your bowl like usual and enjoy the cleanest smoke of your life! My weed tastes better, gives me a better high and that means it lasts longer too! I save money on weed by using my TarCutter, who wouldn’t want that?! You can tell it works by just looking at your bong, as a smoker you know how dirty that water can get, even after just one bowl my bong was always a resin stained mess with discolored water. Now with the TarCutter I’ve been smoking for two weeks without cleaning my bong and my water is crystal clear!! My lungs feel and sound better from using the TarCutter and I will never smoke without it again. I can’t recommend this product enough!!

Tyler N.

I have used the TarCutter now for a year and I can say this things is amazing. If you are looking for something to smooth out your hit plus enhance the terps flavor from your favorite flower strains look no further. Once you start using it you realize how much you were missing out on your flower just because of the tar. Once you try the TarCutter you will never go back. 

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