TarCutter Medical Grade Filter

  • TarCutter Medical Grade Filter

TarCutter Medical Grade Filter


So Durable you'll have to put it in your will.

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Medical Grade 316L Stainless Steel Active Coconut Carbon Filter.

Box includes:

* 1 assembled long filter (14mm fitting)

* 1 short filtration tube and glass (14mm fitting)

* 2 replacement O-Rings

* 1 Active Coconut Carbon Refill Tube (1 tube refills the long TarCutter filter 2 times)

The TarCutter is a unique active carbon filtration system that reduces at least 90% of tar without removing THC. Built with medical grade stainless steel and glass and engineered to direct the flow and rate of smoke, this filter allows for a healthier and stronger hit. When used with a standard bong, the smoke passes through the water as a secondary filter, further enhancing the experience. The TarCutter is designed to be easy to clean and engineered to last for a lifetime.